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Health Tips – Preventative Measures

John Baldwin here, looking forward to meeting you all at the Joint Venture meeting next week. I’ve been asked to give my top tips on preventative measures, so we don’t have to reach out for the lotions and potions when … Continue reading

Hydrate Before Exercise

If you are dehydrated before you walk or run your muscles will react by shortening and tightening quicker, which may lead to cramp or even injury. An example of this is that old reliable hamstring strain. Sound familiar?! A strain … Continue reading

Top tips for the weekend. When we over indulge!

Eat regularly, ideally every 2-4 hours. Never miss meals and as I’ve said earlier this week. Never, ever miss breakfast. Reduce your coffee and tea intake – why not swop a cappuccino for a low fat decaf? or a regular … Continue reading

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