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Health Tips – Preventative Measures

John Baldwin here, looking forward to meeting you all at the Joint Venture meeting next week. I’ve been asked to give my top tips on preventative measures, so we don’t have to reach out for the lotions and potions when … Continue reading

How’s Your Heart?

With Heart Disease being the leading cause of death in Ireland it is so important to have yourself checked out with a simple non invasive test. BPRO is the newest technology in non invasive vascular screening. The BPRO vascular pulse-wave … Continue reading

Do You Suffer Foot Pain?

Foot pain may be caused by many different biomechanical conditions or injuries. Repeated overstressing of the same structure of the foot may cause stress fractures, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and acute and chronic osteoarthritis. Injury to the plantar fascia is a … Continue reading

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