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The Twinge !!

Good morning everyone. When you woke up this morning, stretched and started another working day. Did any of you feel that “twinge“? Can you believe that as much as 80% of us will suffer from some sort of back pain … Continue reading

Hydrate Before Exercise

If you are dehydrated before you walk or run your muscles will react by shortening and tightening quicker, which may lead to cramp or even injury. An example of this is that old reliable hamstring strain. Sound familiar?! A strain … Continue reading

How to stretch properly before and after those brisk evening walks!

Well folks, its time to learn more from our fitness guru’s over the next few days and here’s some great advice from Gavin Healy the Neuromuscular Therapist at The Joint Treatment Centre…. There’s lots of conflicting advice on the correct … Continue reading

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