Personal Insolvency Legislation

How Will The New Personal Insolvency Act Affect You?

Grant Thornton
As we speak, nearly 20% — or roughly one in five Irish residential mortgage holders – are in arrears with their lender.
With the recent introduction of the Personal Insolvency Act, it now means there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for those in financial distress.

And while this is obviously a most welcome development, much confusion surrounds the new legislation and what it means for the average Irish family.

To help clarify the implications of the new Act, Grant Thornton, in partnership with Homesaver – Ireland’s leading domestic utilities and insurance monitoring service – are hosting a free event on Wednesday 24 April at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel.
Entitled, ‘Understanding What the Personal Insolvency Bill means to Irish Home Owners’, proceedings will run from 7am until 9am. Amongst the guest speakers are Michael Bolger, one of Ireland’s leading Personal Insolvency experts and Head of Operations in Grant Thornton Debt Solution Ltd, and Sara Garland, Client Service Manager for Grant Thornton Debt Solution Ltd.

The event is complimentary. And as places are limited, early booking is advised. To register for this event, please email

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