Health Tips – Preventative Measures

John Baldwin here, looking forward to meeting you all at the Joint Venture meeting next week. I’ve been asked to give my top tips on preventative measures, so we don’t have to reach out for the lotions and potions when that cold and flu gets the better of us.

1. Take more Zinc in your diet. Why? It boosts your immune system. So tuck in to some nuts, seeds (sunflower and cashew) and if you are a fan, some shellfish.
2. Magnesium is vital. Why? Lots of reasons actually but it will give you that energy you need to fight your cold and flu! Take it as a supplement in a glass of headed water, 30 seconds and a glass of water later you’ll have all the energy you need to combat the day as well as that cold and flu!
3. Protein is essential as part of your daily diet to rebuild and repair. Nuts, seeds, sardines or if you feel like a drink we always recommend one of our Sunwarrior Protein Shakes!
4. Vitamin C is also very important, and in every ad campaign out there when a runny nose is mentioned. Yes you can get the Vitamin C through lots of fruits but don’t forget your veg!

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