Week 1 Summary – Health Tips

Good morning folks. The end of our first week. Tell me, did the scales reflect all your hard work when you stood on them this morning? At this stage you should have established some small routines that will make a big impact. Below is the list of 10 things that I’ve highlighted and referred to over the past week, if you can keep up these good habits up over the next 14 days, I guarantee you will feel better at the end of this challenge. Keep this list somewhere close by, to make sure you stay on track!

1. Start the day with lemon and luke warm water (to kick start your organs!)
2. Swap the pastries and coffee for porridge (made with water) or some biona organic bread with avocado/tuna or have it with scrambled egg (to fill you with energy and avoid a sugary start to the day)
3. If you are going to drink tea and coffee, swop the tea for a herbal and the coffee for a decaf!
4. Eat every 2/3 hours (to keep up your energy)
5. Take some apples and pears with you to work and have them as a simple mid morning snack (to alkalize your body)
6. Drink lots of water throughout the day. I would always recommend bottled water and not tap water (keep hydrated)
7. Get lots of vegetables into your diet every day and some fruit. If you don’t have time to cook and prepare them, I would recommend a supplement like Sunwarrior SuperGreens. One teaspoon every day will be enough.
8. Get lots of fresh air and exercise at least once a day, even if its only to go for a brisk walk (gets oxygen into your body)
9. Avoid alcohol during the working week (too much sugar and it doesn’t allow your body rest)
10. Don’t eat after 8 pm (again, helps your body rest at night and allows you get a good nights sleep)

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