Irish Say “Bah, Humbug!” To Recession

AllGifts for ChristmasIn spite of the fact we have a lot less money in our pockets these days, it appears Irish people are planning to put the recession to one side and splash out this Christmas.

According to a Christmas Gift Survey conducted by (Venture City Group), beleaguered Irish shoppers anticipate spending 9% more on pressies this year.

The study also revealed that the average spend on Christmas gifts will be €810 per adult, compared to €744 last year. While parents expect to spend €293 on Christmas gifts for each of their children.

Another interesting finding thrown up by the survey is that 65% of Irish people will buy gifts online this year, continuing the growing trend towards Internet shopping.

“It’s great news for the country that spending on Christmas gifts is set to rise this year in Ireland. The fact that 99.5% of Irish people buy Christmas gifts highlights the traditional generosity of people in Ireland, and the importance of Christmas as a time of giving”, said Gary Purcell, Managing Director of

The survey also found that a partner or spouse is likely to part with an average of €151 to make their other half happy on Christmas morning.

And the most popular gifts again this Christmas will be books, CDs, and DVDs, followed by children’s toys, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, gift vouchers and (wait for it) cash.

No prizes for guessing the Christmas gifts nobody wants to get: Christmas jumpers head the list, closely followed by cheap perfume and foot spas.

If you want more details on the Christmas Gift Survey, give Gary a call on 086 3894608.

Gary Purcell of is a member of the Venture City Group.

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