Venture Network and George Hook – Kickstart your Business

Venture Business Network were pleased today to welcome George Hook and Ger Tannam to an event in the Gresham hotel, it was a “live” version of their Kickstart your Business segment on a Saturday morning.

George was an inspiration – even at 7am – his willingness to support new and emerging businesses and his absolute honesty when analysing the businesses was refreshing. Ger is an expert in his field – his company is Islandbridge Branding and his advice was clear and direct (golden nuggets).

I just put a range of the photos into videos (slideshows) as there were so many, the first slideshow shows George, Ger, Shay (Venture) and some of the businesses which were featured in todays 3 kickstarts.

The businesses featured were

1. Budding Writer
2. All Gifts
3. Smart Pods

Each business was presented by the owner, then critiqued by George and Ger and then thrown to the audience for further suggestions. It was amazing the amount and quuality of suggestions that came from the floor – but then again we are Venturians !!

Finally there were a number of businesses which has stands around the back of the room which were open for networking after the event, the businesses involved were

1. Xpert Taxis
2. Seal Pack Label Printing
3. Perfect Image Print and Marketing Solutions
4. All Go – Gifts, Incentives, Rewards
5. Classic Marketing Promotional Products
6. Keysolve – Payroll, Accounting and CRM software
7. Jordan Business Services – Accountancy and Financial Services
8. Gillespie Screen Print – Large Format Printing
9. Venture Business Network

As usual an important of the event is the networking – we do mutual support in a very special way. A very successful joint Venture meeting and we hope to have many more !!

All photos used in creating these slideshows were taken and produced by Susan Kennedy of Lensmen Photographic Agency

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