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Shay Venture Charity TripTRIP DETAILS:

  • What: TriAdventure Challenge 2011
  • Where: Ladakh, India
  • When: Saturday August 20th to Sunday September 4th, 2011.
  • Duration: 16 days.
  • Distance: 272km- Biking; 150km, Trekking; 52km, Rafting; 70k
  • Maximum Altitude: 4960 metres – 16272 ft

Since 1980, India has faced a deluge of natural disasters, including floods, cyclones, earthquakes and a tsunami. It is a country with a vast territory, varied climates and a large population. So when natural disasters strike, they often turn into big disasters. While India is an emerging economic power, about 28% of people live below poverty line and these are the people who suffer most during disasters.

Concern Worldwide is Venture’s designated charity for 2011. Over the course of the year, we will be staging numerous fund-raising events, including, of all things, a sponsored sky dive. The centrepiece of our fund rasing activity is the TriAdventure Challenge in India, where we will be biking, trekking and rafting to raise badly needed funds for the state of Orrisa in India.

Our efforts will go to support emergency relief, rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction. Apart from emergency responses, we also support programmes in Governance and Livelihood, HIV and Aids and an initiative on Innovations for Maternal, New Born and Child Health. By sponsoring the Tri Adventure challenge, you will be enabling us to help communities affected by extreme poverty and hunger.

Shay has set a personal target to raise a minimum of €8,000. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

You can find Shay’s sponsor page on the Concern web site

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